Certifications & reviews

ISO certifications

The Wibax Group is certified in a combined certificate for the quality management system ISO 9001 and the environmental management system ISO 14001. These management systems help us to organise, streamline and assure quality of operations.

Sustainability statement

Wibax Sales AB and Wibax Logistics AB hold a sustainability statement  from the Energy Agency. A sustainability statement is required to make biofuels eligible for grants such as tax reductions and electricity certificates, and to count their emissions as zero in emission allowance trading schemes. 


Wibax is connected to the Ecovadis platform for third-party sustainability assessment. The Ecovadis results are based on a comprehensive questionnaire with documentation evidence, where answers and evidence are reviewed and assessed by Ecovadis. The assessment is divided into the areas of environment, laws and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchasing.

The assessment in 2023 resulted in a gold ranking, which means that Wibax Group’s results are better than 98 percent of the assessed companies’ results.

Recognition we’ve received

Gold in Ecovadis’ Sustainability Assessment (2023) Entrepreneur of the Year Sweden (2022)  Entrepreneur of the Year Norrbotten (2022)  Sweden’s Best Managed Companies (2023)


Wibax Sales AB and Wibax Sales Oy are certified as Trader with Storage with waste/residual material according to International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC). This is to enable trading of ISCC-certified bio-oils to customers. Wibax Sales AB is also certified as a Logistics Centre. The certification is proof that the companies and certified products meet the requirements of RED II and ISCC EU. 

The ISCC certification is an international and transparent certification that clearly demonstrates fulfilment of the environmental, social and traceability requirements placed on bio-oils.

Fair Transport

Wibax Logistics AB’s Fair Transport certification means that we meet set quality criteria and that this is continuously followed up through independent third-party review. The certification ensures that our transports are carried out responsibly, safely and sustainably.


Achilles is an international platform that enables the creation of industry standards for the collection and validation of supplier information within various networks. Wibax is part of the Achilles networks JQS, for the oil and gas industry, and Utilities NCE for the energy industry.

Tap water certification

Wibax’ HQ in Piteå is tap water certified, a national sustainability label. Tap water is better for the environment than packaged water, is always locally produced and its distribution is highly energy efficient

Responsible Care

Wibax is affiliated with Responsible Care, the global chemical industry’s voluntary initiative which, in addition to compliance with laws and regulations, requires chemical companies to: 

  • Continually improve knowledge of the environment, health, safety and performance of our technologies, processes and products
  • Use resources efficiently and minimise waste
  • Report openly on achievements and shortcomings
  • Listen, engage and work with people to understand and address their concerns and expectations
  • Collaborate with governments and organisations in the development and implementation of effective regulations and standards. This in order to meet or go beyond them
  • Provide assistance and advice to promote responsible handling of chemicals by all who handle and use them along the product chain

In Responsible Care’s Self-Assessment Tool, Wibax received a score of 3.29, compared to the benchmark of 2.58 in Europe.

Sustainability Report

Since 2017, we have produced an annual sustainability report that describes the group’s work for Good Chemistry from governance to practical implementation.